SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating - 5L

SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating - 5L

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For an extreme, durable shine!

SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating provides a mirror-like shine and durable protection, all without the use of extensive application. SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating protects the surface from contaminants while also creating a hydrophobic effect. Use SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating to refresh existing ceramic sealants for the long term with Si Carbon Technology. Plus, SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating is easy-to-use and provide up to four months of protection.

Ceramic coatings are coatings everyone wants to be able say they have. They give off a great shine and even more protection and are the hottest coating in detailing. However, ceramic coatings can take time to apply and are usually reserved for more advanced detailers. But with SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating, any detailer at any level can experience the power of ceramic by using this easy-to-use product.

Thanks to its specially formulated Si-Carbon technology, SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating provides long term sealing. This technology allows for the surface to be velvety soft to the touch. Not only will the surface feel sleek, but it will also shine a mirror-like shine, all without needing to do any extensive polishing.

Besides giving off a sleek and shining look, SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating also protects the treated surface from environmental contaminants such as dirt, insects, road salt, grime and more. This ceramic spray also provides water beading properties to allow water to bead up and roll off the surface, helping to prevent water spots.

SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating can used as a standalone, but also to refresh existing ceramic sealants. Easy-to-apply, coming in the convenience of a spray, you can get your ceramic detailing job in half the time while still providing up to four months of protection. Bonus, using will make washing your car cleaner.

5 Liters (169.07 oz.)