Mopar Oil Filter Housing 5184294AE

Mopar Oil Filter Housing 5184294AE

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3.6 LITER. Engine Oil Filter Adapter

 Includes: Oil Cooler, Oil Filter & Oil Filter Cap, housing


The oil filter adapter in your car can exhibit a range of symptoms if it fails including an oil leak, a coolant or antifreeze leak, or an intrusion between the cooling system and the engine's oil, resulting in oil in your coolant or coolant in your oil.


This part fits

11-14 Avenger

11-13 Challenger

11-13 Charger

11-13 Durango

11-13 Grand Caravan

11-13 Grand Cherokee

11-14 Journey

2013  Ram 1500

11-13 Town & Country

12-15 Wrangler

11-13 Chrysler 200

11-13 Chrysler 300


Part number 5184294AE