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Tough FormFit Guards (Tough Guards for short) draws its inspiration from the appearance of aggressively styled “bolt on” look fender flares. Available in two finishes, textured or smooth, this ruggedly styled hood protector is an excellent match to any black components on your vehicle. It has been designed with materials selected to compliment the existing features of your truck or Jeep®. Tough Guards are made from high impact polymer co-extruded with an acrylic top layer. The Tough Guard polymer is the durable material used in pickup box liners and on running boards. Acrylic is the material in your headlights and taillights and provides a surface finish to prevent fading or discoloring. Our no drill installation utilizes 3M® automotive tape, patented mounting pedestals and stainless steel fasteners. This OEM quality installation ensures there is no contact between the deflector and the hood which results in no risk of paint wear. Made in Canada.