Automatic Transmission Dipstick for Chrysler Jeep Dodge - Level tool

Automatic Transmission Dipstick for Chrysler Jeep Dodge - Level tool

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For Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge vehicles that originally came without a dipstick. Allows you to check fluid level without going to the Dealer, it would save

you lots of money. As with the dealer Tool (9336), this dipstick is used to measure the fluid level, and then removed and cap put back on the tube.

This is intended for chrysler vehicles that do not have a dip stick, just a cap on the dipstick tube that says "dealer use only". You need a scan tool to

measure trans fluid temp and a graph from service information specific to that vehicle that shows what the level should be max to minimum depending

on the fluid temp. So you check the fluid temp with a scan tool, check the min-max range for that temp on the graph, then bottom out the dipstick into

the dipstick tube till it hits the bottom of the trans pan. The stick shows the fluid level in centimeters and you compare youre fluid level reading in CM to

the graph and the indicated fluid temp. So its the right tool for the job in the right hands but its a universal dipstick that alone cannot verify the correct

fluid level without knowing the trans fluid temp and having access to the correct fill graph for the vehicle in question.
?EASY TO READ :Clear marks on the metal tip promise easy-to-read oil levels
?OE part number: 9336; Cross Ref: 8863B, 9336, 9336A, 917-327 42RLE, NAG1, 45RFE, 62TE
?CORRECT WAY TO USE?This does not stay in the car. Just used for checking level and then removed, if you find that the dipstick is way too long for your vehicle, it does not mean that the dipstick does not fit.
?Reasonable price with OEM quality.
?LIFETIME WARRANTY: Place order with 100% confidence, Just feel free to contact us and we are always stand by your side to issue your problems.